Renting of mobile pelleting plants MPA1000

With our mobile pelleting systems MPA1000 you can process your biomass into high-quality pellets. Whether you have straw or hay in the form of round bales, square bales or loose, or you want to mix different raw materials, this pelleting plant processes your biomass into pellets. 

The system operates completely independently – it is equipped both with a powerful diesel engine and with a connection for operation on a powerful power grid.

We bring the pelleting plant to your yard. You will be trained by our technicians during the operation of the plant and instructed in the processes. After this training, you operate the mobile pelleting plant yourself. The MPA1000 can produce 1000-1600kg per hour of high-quality pellets, depending on the type of biomass. The raw material must not exceed a relative humidity of 15%. 

How to rent a mobile pelleting plant MPA1000 from PCM-Green Energy:

We always provide a new, maintained, cleaned and well-equipped plant. The rental price includes all wearing parts and spare parts as well as machine insurance.


  • The MPA 1000 is transported by freight forwarder to the agreed location
  • The plant is approx. 15m long and 25 tons heavy and must be set up on a well fastened and even underground.
  • If the system is well placed, our technician will carry out a safety and operating instruction for your personnel.
  • After the plant has started the pelletizing starts, our technician will familiarize you with the plant during the next 2-3 days and train you in pelletizing.
  • For support, we provide a manual with operating instructions and tips on how to proceed optimally. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the system in a video tutorial.
  • They then operate the plant themselves and pelletize their own raw materials.
  • Our technicians are of course also available for your questions later on
  • All our mobile pelleting plants are connected to us via internet, so we can help you with problems “in real time
  • Pelleting is invoiced by a combination of the daily rental price and the operating hours worked
  • To load the system with the material you need a tractor with front loader, forklift or telescopic loader. The plant is 4m high and is loaded from above through the roof
  • It is advantageous if the loading area is covered

What can you pelletize?

  • Hay for high-quality animal feed
  • Cereal straw, maize straw, miscanthus, husks into litter pellets
  • Miscanthus, cereal straw, husks into fuel pellets
  • Fermentation residues from biogas plants to fertilizer pellets
  • Dried manure or horse manure into fertilizer pellets

You can process these materials:

  • wheat straw
  • barley straw
  •  rye straw
  • hay
  • Corn Straw / Corn Spindles
  • miscanthus
  • dried digestates
  • husks
  • canola straw
  • linen straw
  • Dried manure / liquid manure

You can process these forms:

  • Round bales up to 1.80 m
  • Square bales up to 1.50 m
  • Loose material

Your advantage:

  • No high initial investment
  • No maintenance costs
  • You only pay during the time you use the system
  • You can rent the plant from 100 t